Bundle, CBB & Gohar World - Valentine's Edition

Bundle, CBB & Gohar World - Valentine's Edition

Our three bars, bundled together in a plush Gohar World pouch. Essential eating for the chocolate obsessive or the epicurean.

70% Dark Chocolate 

Intense yet fruity. One for the true believer.

Ingredients: 70% heirloom cacao, organic cane sugar / Chiapas, Mexico

Milk Chocolate & Toasted Hazelnuts 

Slow roasted hazelnuts are added to a creamy milk chocolate base. A crunchy foil to the classically smooth Italian Gianduja.

Ingredients: toasted hazelnuts, organic cacao, milk, organic cacao powder and organic cane sugar / Chiapas, Mexico

Preserved Oranges Dark Chocolate 

Scattered flecks of preserved orange lend an astringent, chewy quality to this dark chocolate.

Ingredients: organic cacao, preserved orange and organic cane sugar / Chiapas, Mexico

Casa Bosques & Gohar World is a collaboration born of the friendship between our two houses.

Casa Bosques Chocolates is an exploration of the history, methods, origins and culture of chocolate. The project celebrates rare white Cacao Criollo beans, as well as criollos grown especially for Casa Bosques on a small ranch in southern México.

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