EAT Gohar

EAT Gohar


Introducing EAT Gohar.

In the spirit of food and friendship, we’ve partnered with friends around the world to create a Gohar World pantry. EAT Gohar features Tinned Anchovies & Sardines from Spain, Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Lebanon, Chocolate from Mexico, and Teas from Korea. Think of EAT as an international dinner party.

We believe in honest and transparent food practices, and things that are just all-around delicious. Each EAT Gohar partner is a small and sustainable producer – we stand behind their work and are excited to introduce these products to the Gohar universe.

We’re creeping into your kitchen cabinets. EAT Gohar is available online now.



EAT Gohar Tinned Anchovies & Sardines

In collaboration with Fishwife 

The GW team loves tinned fish. We’re constantly snacking on sardines as part of Studio Lunch, and topping our buttered baguettes with anchovies. Fishwife is the best in the game – they’re focused on sustainability, harvesting their product from healthy fisheries during peak quality season. 

The EAT Gohar Tinned Fish Duo is ethically-sourced and hand-packed in delicious Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil. EAT on everything.



EAT Gohar Extra Virgin Olive Oil

In collaboration with Solar

We consume our weight in olive oil, so it only made sense to begin producing our own. We partnered with Solar, a Lebanon-based extra virgin olive oil producer focused on celebrating Mediterranean heritage.

Solar’s hundred-year old olive groves are renowned for their organic and regenerative methods of harvest. Together we’ve developed two bottles: an Everything Oil and a Finishing Oil.



EAT Gohar Loose Leaf Tea

In collaboration with Artment.Dep  

The Gohar World Store travelled to Korea last October. What was supposed to be just a stop along the Gohar Worldwide tour turned into a lasting friendship and partnership with our hosts, Artment.Dep. 

Together we’ve created two teas: a robust black tea with hints of citrus and a refreshing peppermint tea – perfect when served either hot or iced. The teas are inspired by traditional tea rituals and harvested in local provinces of South Korea.



EAT Gohar Dark Chocolate Bar and Batons

In collaboration with Casa Bosques

Casa Bosques is the best chocolate producer we know. Laila is best friends with Casa Bosques’ Rafael Prieto – who also designed the Gohar World store in New York last winter.

We partnered with CBB a few years ago to create a chocolate version of our Lace Hand. We are now continuing the collaboration by introducing a new dark chocolate bar and set of chocolate batons, both incorporating the EAT Gohar Extra Virgin Olive Oil in production.


Photography by Pippa Drummond

Special Thanks to Jacqueline Sullivan Gallery