Beans, Greens, and Bottarga

Beans, Greens, and Bottarga

This trifecta is one of our favorite Studio Lunches. We cook any type of greens from our fridge in a lot of olive oil until very soft, same for the beans, and then shower the entire thing with bottarga. Although not necessary, the bottarga makes this simple combination feel like a special treat. 


1 bunch greens of choice (we used Swiss chard)

2 c dry beans, soaked overnight (we used cannellini)

3 clove garlic, crushed 

3 bay leaf


Olive oil 


Cook soaked beans by submerging them in a pot full of water. Season the water with plenty of salt, olive oil, and 2 bay leaves. Cook on gentle heat (so that the beans don’t burst) until soft for 40 mins or so. 

Beans are better when they are left to rest in their liquid for a little while. Do this only if you have time. If not, you’ll be happy with the leftovers tomorrow also. 

Boil the greens in a large pot of salted water for 8 mins. Drain. Ring out the beans. Chop into 1 inch pieces. Add the bay leaf, garlic, and greens to a pot with 1/4 c olive oil. Cook on low for 15 mins. 

Add the beans and greens to a plate – preferably of the Gohar World bean variety 😏. Shower with bottarga. 

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