Greens, Anchovies, Polenta

Greens, Anchovies, Polenta

We're back from the holidays and have been looking forward to Studio Lunch. This week, Laila had polenta leftover from home. Anytime she makes polenta, she doubles up on quantity because polenta leftovers are the best. We had grilled polenta with onions, very cooked greens, and anchovies. Welcome back!



1 cup polenta (more if you want leftovers)

3 tbs butter

1 lb greens of your choice (we used fennel bulb and tops and broccoli rabe)

4 cloves garlic, sliced 4 yellow onion, sliced

Anchovy fillets (optional, but use them because they make things better)

Splash of white wine

Olive oil



Cook the polenta using a 5/1 water ratio. Boil 5 cup water. Add salt. Add polenta. Stir until thick and keep cooking. Depending on the type of polenta, it may take 15 mins or up to 45 mins. Once cooked, add butter. Pour into pan, allow to cool, then refrigerate.

Cook the greens. Bring a pot of salted water to boil. Add greens. Boil 10 mins. Drain. Chop fine. Add 1/4 cup of olive oil to a dry pan, add garlic, then greens. Cover and cook for 25 mins. If the greens are getting dry, add oil and water. Uncover, add a splash of wine and cook another 10 mins. We like them soft. Once soft, turn off the heat and add more olive oil.

Cook the sliced onions over medium heat in olive oil. Add salt. Cook for 40 mins or til soft.

Cut polenta into rectangles. Brush with oil. Grill in a hot pan for 10 mins on each side til brown.

Serve a slice of polenta with greens + onions, and a couple anchovies. Add more oil, because, well, we are who we are.



Originally published on January 5, 2023 in STUDIO LUNCH, the Gohar World text newsletter. Text "YUM" to 833-648-0911 (North America-based) or subscribe here to get the recipe first.

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