This is probably part of the top 3 most common things that Laila eats at home. It is the perfect alone food. It requires basically just 1 ingredient, which is chickpea flour. Chickpea flour can be found in most grocery stores. In Italian, this pancake is called farinata, and in the south of France socca. We ate them for lunch with some fried rosemary and anchovies.

Serves 5



1 1/2 c chickpea flour

2 c warm water

1/3 c olive oil


Rosemary, optional

Anchovies, optional



In a bowl whisk flour with 1.5 c warm water. Add olive oil and 2 tsp salt. Leave alone for an hour.

Stir the mixture. It should be like a thin pancake. If it's too thick add a little water.

Heat a small nonstick pan over medium heat, and add oil.

Add around 1/3 c of the mixture and swirl around. Cook for 5 mins, til brown. Flip. Cook for 3 more minutes. Move to a plate. Repeat for as many socca as you'd like to make. Add more oil to the pan. Add a few rosemary sprigs. Fry for 2 mins or til crunchy. Sprinkle rosemary, plus maldon salt on top of the socca. Serve warm. Anchovies optional, but always a good idea.


Originally published on January 26, 2023 in STUDIO LUNCH, the Gohar World text newsletter. Text "YUM" to 833-648-0911 (North America-based) or subscribe here to get the recipe first.

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