Tricolor Bento

Tricolor Bento

Every once in a while, Yukimi will bless us with a Japanese studio lunch. This could be anything from a bento, to soba, or rice balls. She strikes when we are least expecting, and everyone gets extremely excited. Today was a special day.

Serves 4



1/2 lb ground chicken

4 eggs

1 bunch turnip green (or other leafy greens)

2 tsp ginger, minced

2 tbs soy sauce

1 tbs sake (or sub w white wine)

4 tbs mirin (or sub w white wine and sugar 3:1)

1 tbs sugar




Brown: Heat frying pan, add chicken, ginger, sake, soy sauce, 2 tbs mirin, and a little salt. Cook till the chicken colors slightly and is cooked through - 5 mins or so.

Yellow: In a small pan, whisk eggs, sugar, 2 tbs mirin, and salt. Cook on medium heat while mixing with a fork to scramble. You're going for a soft scramble "crumble".

Green: Blanch the greens in salty water for 2 mins. Drain, then chop. Make cute little color block piles and serve with white rice.


Originally published on November 17, 2022 in STUDIO LUNCH, the Gohar World text newsletter. Text "YUM" to 833-648-0911 or subscribe here to get the recipe first.

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