Fish Confit In Fig Leaf with a Lemon Squeezer

Fish Confit In Fig Leaf with a Lemon Squeezer
Last time, we couldn’t keep the Lemon Squeezers in stock for longer than a day. They’re finally back – complete with an upgrade featuring our bean logo etched on the wing. Buy one for you and all your friends! Here’s a fish recipe we love that looks great with the Lemon Squeezer: 
Serves 4
1.5 lb white, firm boneless, skinless fish fillets such as
hake or halibut (Cod could also be an option but we prefer Hake
as it’s much more sustainable)

4 large fig leaves (Picked fresh from a tree)

1 liter oil

2 bay leaves

1 head garlic

2 lemons

Find a fig tree and pick 4 leaves. Place the leaves in a bowl of water. Submerge them fully once picked so that they stay fresh.
Cut the fish into 4 equal parts if it isn’t already portioned. Season each side very generously with an equal layer of salt on both sides.
Dry the fig leaves with a towel. Wrap each fillet in a fig leaf to create a little parcel.
Pour the oil into a shallow pan that allows you to later on place the fish in a single layer, side by side and snug. Make sure the pan isn’t too big. Cut the garlic head in half horizontally and add it to the pot. Peel one lemon and add only the peel to the pot. Add the bay leaf. Turn the heat on to the lowest possible setting and allow the oil to heat slowly for 30 minutes.
After 30 minutes, lower the fillets into the oil. The oil should barely be hot, just warm. Test it – it shouldn’t burn. Cook very low and slow for 20 minutes or until the flesh of the fish is opaque. The idea is to cook it over the least amount of heat. Gently remove the fish from the oil. Save the oil in an airtight container. It is delicious and can be used for future cooking in various dishes.
Cut the second lemon into wedges and present with the Lemon Bird Squeezer. Serve each person a fillet, but remember to tell guests they need to peel back the leaf wrapper before eating the fish! Enjoy.
Photos by Adrianna Glaviano