Founded by sisters Laila & Nadia Gohar in 2020, Gohar World is a tableware universe that embraces craft, time, tradition, and humor. Created in family-owned ateliers to bring people together around the table, our surrealist tabletop objects tell a story of time. 


Designed in our studio in New York City and made by family owned ateliers around the world – from Vietnam to Austria, Italy to Egypt – Gohar World values craft. Our products celebrate disappearing traditions, such as mouth blown glass, various needle work, and hand dipped candles, amongst others. Conceived as future heirlooms, our fine cottons and linens are sourced in Egypt and sewn in the Cairo atelier of Laila and Nadia’s family.


In Gohar World, everybody has the ability to be a great host — one who gives themselves to their guests. Giving oneself means giving the most valuable of possessions; time. 

The time it takes to invite guests.
The time it takes to shop for food.
The time it takes to cook.
The time it takes to set the table.
The time it takes to arrange the flowers.
The time it takes to select the music.
And finally, the time to sit and enjoy those we love. 


Gohar World is design for the table, where as much attention is given to dressing the table as one's self. No object or piece of furniture has been as meaningful to family and community as the dining table, where simple acts of hospitality— laying out a tablecloth, opening a bottle of wine, cutting a cake — become rituals. Playfully enlivening tradition with humor and surrealism, Gohar world reimagines everyday rituals for the present.