Potato and Corn Fritter with an Egg

Potato and Corn Fritter with an Egg


This was a total mismash meal based on what we had. A couple ears of corn, a potato and some eggs… so here we are. Enjoy. 


Serves 6 

2 ears corn 

1 large russet potato 

6 eggs 

4 tbs olive oil 



Using a box grater, grate the potatoes. Sprinkle with salt and place in a colander. 

Snap the corn in half using your hands and with a knife shave off the sides so you have corn off the cob. Squeeze out all the water you could out of the potatoes. Fold the corn into the potatoes. 

Add olive oil into a nonstick frying pan. Use your hands to form a flat puck and gently drop into the hot oil. Flip after 3 minutes or when brown. Crack an egg on top of the fritter and continue cooking till egg is just set. Serve hot. 

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